Cries, crise (Demosthenes Agrafiotis)

“CRIES, crise”
ATHENES, 2009-12.
Demosthenes AGRAFIOTIS

“CRIES, crise” is an attempt to approach the crisis by capturing fragments of Athens city’s skin during the period 2009-12: a photographic elegy made up of visual details from public areas.

The photographs depict visual impressions of shops that the crisis forced to close and become ghosts of a bygone “glory.” Also, some details of buildings in obvious decay or decline demonstrate the strength and vulnerability of human action. Finally, many citizen’s actions leave, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously, their traces on walls and on objects which in turn create a tattoo, a set of points likely to invite the photographic lens to discover, capture and assign them value and meaning.

Selected photos:


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