Call for participation

There are four working hypotheses :

i. The “Greek crisis” marks an opportunity and a starting point for questioning the nature of the crisis on a local and geopolitical level.
ii. We ought to recognize the complexity of the “crisis” as well as the need for the creation of a multiverse (and not a universe) from which paths out of the crisis can emerge.
iii. The multiverse leads to a multiplicity of approaches, artistic actions, expressive means and expressive codes. Their emergence and their structural assembly constitutes the basis of this “perpetual” workshop.
iv. Openness, interaction, collaboration and dialogue are of essence towards any artistic approach aiming to become part of the solution and not of the problem.

Based on these statements and queries, we propose the creation of a material and digital platform, capable of receiving contributions from multiple artists and poets from diverse countries and to diffuse them online and in selected physical spaces. This is a call to participate in an interactive, procedural, performance workshop dedicated to the cultural crisis of the modern world with the “Greek crisis” as a pretext. The workshop is looking for diverse approaches on the theme of the crisis using the forms of art, poetry and knowledge in order to conduct a pertinent diagnosis of the challenges and an inventive search into new perspectives.

We call for:

  • Contributions and participations thematically related to the crisis that will function as a catalyst for the creation of an international network – an artists’ forum. Depending on the type of work these will be included in crisiology online or crisiology onsite.
    • Crisiology online: this will host original works-contributions such as digital works, paintings, photographs, visual poems, videos, web art, animations, sound pieces and any other form that the artist intended to display digitally and that can be satisfactorily represented online.
    • Crisiology onsite: this will include original works that are meant to be displayed on a physical platform, such as performance pieces, installations, etc. These works will be exhibited in selected galleries and cultural spaces affiliated to

All submitted works will be made available under Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) granting the freedom to share and adapt and thus leading to the creation of a digital archive that encourages the interaction between Greek artists and their colleagues from around the world elaborating on an artistic approach to the crisis and beyond the crisis.