polysemy machine_papacharalampos_10_2021


Title: Polysemy Machine (2020).

Artist: Konstantinos Papacharalampos (London).

Concept: Texts in newspapers websites or on smartphone screens are a powerful tool for quickly manipulating a politically charged reality – especially when Twitter and other social media platforms influence democracies globally. ‘Polysemy Machine’ assesses the situation, with its outcome being informed by the reader/performer.

Bio: Konstantinos Papacharalampos (London) uses the body and language to create experiences, objects, and environments of mutating futures. He is the author of four poetry books including ‘Exchange: a neo-futurist idiom mapping’ (Hesterglock Press 2020). His poetry has been translated in German and Russian, exhibited at MOMus/ Museum of Contemporary Art (Greece), performed at the European Poetry Festival and Wigmore Hall, and featured in anthologies and magazines including ‘Futures: Poetry of the Greek Crisis’ (Penned in the Margins 2015), ‘Writing Utopia 2020’ (Hesterglock Press 2020), Litmus, Perspektive and FRMK. His performance work includes commissions by Philippi Festival, MOMus/ Experimental Center for the Arts and Goethe Institut. WEB INSTAGRAM TWITTER

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