Exploring the crisis (Yann Dumoget)

Artist: Yann Dumoget
Title: Exploring the crisis
Medium: Photography, installations
Date: 2011-2015
Place: France, Greece, Spain, Portugal
Description: Selection of photographs related to several art projects exploring the crisis since 2011.

Excerpt from critical text:
“… It is not I who is interested in the crisis, it’s the crisis that is interested in me …”.
For Yann Dumoget, to tackle this subject and make a work of art out of it, is not simply to account of what appears to him as a radical paradigm shift, it is the means
he has chosen to deal with this difficult reality imposed on us all. Through long periods of documentation and immersion, the artist has first to understand and assimilate a situation before spelling out a clear interpretation. This always revolves around a simple idea explored in a text. The text then is extended – or not – through actions, drawings, collages, montages photographs or videos. This formalization in a case per case basis is always  performed through an economy of means that echoes his precarious condition as an artist. Often furtive and derisory, his works feed nevertheless on many historical stylistic and symbolic references. They use irony, quotation, and telescoping to emancipate themselves from a temporal and social factuality and to raise a poetic ambition.

Read the full text in french (pdf)

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