Crisis of Luck (Beatriz Albuquerque)

Artist: Beatriz Albuquerque
Title: “Crisis of Luck”
Medium: Installation | Performance (180 min)
Year: 2013
Place: 17th Biennial of Cerveira | Cerveira Biennial Museum
This project received the Revelation Award
In this project, Crisis of Luck, Beatriz Albuquerque becomes the oracle priestess who foretells and responds to questions asked pertaining to the crisis that we live within, and provides the solution to the problems. The answer will function as a process of rumination on the soul. From this premise, the Sibyl will create alibis for answers through a corporeal transformation as a response to the problems and misfortunes of those in need of better fortune. The performance will happen in Plato’s Cave, where she asks, as part of the process, that we always question ourselves.
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