Crisiologi_a (Demosthenes Agrafiotis)

Artist: Demosthenes Agrafiotis
Title: “Crisiologi_a”| Part of “Performative in-stallations
Medium: Installation | Performance (20 min)
Date: 14/05/2013
Place: Beton7, Athens
In my essay “Cries, crises. Greek Passions” (see or Poetry and Revolution – I offered a poetic – cultural approach to the crisis in Greece . However, the crisis, in any way we may define it, is an international phenomenon. Each language name the state of “crisis” in its own way. This performance is based on a slideshow of the word “crisis” in forty languages. During the slideshow, performer and participants add their own “comment” using colored pencils and oil pastels . At the end, I wear a white coat ( as a ” scientist “, a “doctor”, a crisiologist, or as an a solutions expert … ) and my body is trying to erase the “crisis” and the comments.
Effort doomed to deadlock? ”Simplistic” effort? Painless metaphor? Gesture without perspective? Ultimately, isn’t there a use and abuse of the term/word “crisis “? Isn’t our whole focus on “crisis” misleading ? Maybe a persistent (artistic) crisology is required in order to critically weight the “crisis ” and avoid the inflation of superficial art made in its name ?

@ Beton7 – Performative in-stallations – 14/05/2013

@ Athens Photo Festival 2013

@ ISBA – Eidos – March-April 2014

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